Aastra Telecom 2045 Telephone user manual

Selects the phone numbers last dialled.

Microphone key

Hands-free or handset microphone off / on.

Loudspeaker key

Hands-free operation on/off.

Volume/cursor keys


Set up / answer a call.

Ends a call.

Exits input without saving and goes back to the idle state.

Configurable keys / line keys with LED (incl. Office KBM expansion

Freely configurable as a number, function or Team key:

Number key with 2 storage locations (1st phone number: press once,

2nd phone number: Press twice).

Function key: Activate / Deactivate function.

Team key: Makes call or answers call. Announcement to a team partner (press twice).

If preconfigured as a line key: Set up or answer call via line.

Configure key: press and hold down. write-on labels (incl. Office KBM expansion keypad)

Write-on labels for the configurable keys can be found as an electronic document on the internet. You can fill out the fields directly on your PC and then print out the labels. The internet address is listed on the last page of this document.

Operating and Display Elements n Display symbols

Detailed information available

Other Foxkeys available

Search mode

Function activated

Entries on the call list

New text messages

Microphone deactivated

Loudspeaker/hands-free mode

Forwarding activated

Call Forwarding on No Reply

New Voice Mail

Voice Mail retrieved

Call parked

Retrieve parked call (Foxkey)

Headset mode activated

Activate discreet ringing n Safety Information

Failure to observe this information can be hazardous and infringe existing laws.


Always plug the phone cable connectors into the appropriate sockets. Do not modify the connections in any way.


Use original accessories only. Make sure all installation and repair work is carried out by a specially qualified technician.

Always use a soft, moistened, or antistatic cloth to clean your phone. Do not use chemicals or other chemical products.

Environmental influences

Do not operate the phone outside the temperature range of +5 C to approx. +40 C.

Avoid direct sunlight and other sources of heat.

Protect your phone against the wet, excessive dust, corrosive liquids and steam.

Do not expose your phone to electromagnetic fields (electric motors, household appliances). The speech quality could be affected. To prevent interference, avoid placing your handset in the immediate vicinity of computers, radios, TV sets, VCRs, and other telephone sets.

Be sure to dispose of your phone and its packaging in an environmentally compatible way; alternatively send it back to your supplier or servicing agent. n User information

Your terminal has been supplied with a Quick Users Guide, safety information and, where applicable, with other terminal-specific information. You can also download these documents as a responsibility to inform yourself about the scope of functions, operation and proper use of your equipment.

Check whether you have all the user information available on your terminal, whether it conforms to your terminals version and whether it is up to date.

Read through the user information carefully before putting your terminal into operation.

Store the user information wit