3D Connexion 7910 Two-Way Radio user manual

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3. What You Should Know About Ponds and Filters

Excess growth of algae murky pond

Garden ponds are not as deep as natural water features. The lack of depth means that a garden pond heats up and cools down much more quickly. These changes in temperature and environmental factors such as fertilisers, plant residues etc., are among the main causes of excess levels of nutrients and hence of growth

High density of fish stock

In garden ponds the density of fish stock per cubic meter is usually higher than in natural ponds. As the fish usually also receive more food than in their natural environment, the amount of pollution due to excrement is very high.

Excess growth of algae, as well as the high level of pollution due to fish excrement causes a lack of oxygen in your pond; its biological balance has been disturbed.

Decrease the level of nutrients and increase the oxygen supply

5. Using the Pond Filter for the First Time

Initial operation :

You can fill the pump basket with stones to make the pump more stable.

You can achieve the best cleaning results by using your Pond

Filter in the dirtiest area of the pond.

Second filter :

Problem : the level of nutrients in your pond is too high.

The most effective solution to this problem is to decrease the level of nutrients available by means of a biological process and to remove excess nutrients while at the same time increasing the oxygen supply.

We recommend using two filters for ponds larger than 16 m 3 with slightly dirty water or for ponds larger than 8 m 3 with very dirty water (ponds containing fish).

Operating two filters in parallel :

1. Screw another hose clockwise onto the second connection of the first Pond Filter.

2. Screw the other end of the hose onto the connection of t