3Com VCX V7000 Telephone User Manual


Logging In to Your Telephone 48

Changing Your Password 49

Answering a Call 50

Making Calls 50

Making Internal Calls 50

Redialing a Call 51

Making External Calls 51

Making a Call to a Remote Office 51

Using Unique Extensions 51

Using Site Codes 52

Class of Service Override 52

Terminating Calls 53

Using the Telephone Display Panel 53

Controlling the Volume 55

Using the Hands Free Feature 57

Using a Headset 57

Returning to the Headset After a Long Delay 57

Putting a Call on Hold 58

Music on Hold 58

Dialing a New Call While on a Call 58

Answering a New Call While on a Call 58

Transferring a Call 59

Unattended Transfer 59

Attended Transfer 59

Serial Transfer 60

Mapped Button Method 60

Serial Transfer Feature Code Method 60

Muting Calls 61

Mute Ringer 61

Activating Do Not Disturb


Feature Code Overview 64

Using Feature Codes 64

Feature Codes 65


Viewing the Call Logs 72

Viewing the User Directory 72

Controlling Caller ID 73

Setting up a Conference Call 74

Unannounced Conference 75

Announced Conference 75

Camping on a Busy Extension 75

Transferring Your Phone Settings to Anothe