3Com PCXSET Cordless Telephone user manual

3Com NBX IP Telephony Solutions R6.0 | North America



NBX V3000 ANALOG (3C10600B-XX)


Ideal for small- to medium-sized organizations that require integrated applications with easy installation and management.

When redundancy is a must, the V3001R is the solution for organizations that require maximum uptime, where revenue is tied to the phone system.

Operation in either NBX Call Control or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) mode

Four integrated central office (CO) line ports; one analog station port

Standard four ports by 400 hours auto-attendant/voice mail (AA/VM), scalable up to 72 ports

10/100 uplink port; 100 Mbps backplane

1,500 device capacity (stations/trunks)

15 Group 2 phone licenses included in base solution

SIP-ready for business applications and devices

Operation in either NBX Call Control mode or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies; optional redundant hard disks (RAID1)

Standard four ports by 400 hours AA/VM, scalable up to 72 ports

Dual 10/100 uplink ports; 100 Mbps backplane

Four-slot expansion chassis for additional analog stations

(requires 512 MB memory upgrade 3C10240 for SIP)



NBX platforms running R6.0 software operate in either standard or Session Initiation Protocol

(SIP) mode. The standard mode builds on the success of generations of NBX platforms, while the SIP mode allows interoperability between

NBX IP telephony solutions and a broad range of

3Com and third-party SIP-compliant devices and applications such as IP Messaging, IP Conferencing and SIP trunking. Customers can start out running in standard mode and migrate from standard to SIP mode when such a change matches their needs.

CALL CENTERSAffordable, professional and efficient services that enhance call handling and increase revenue.

NBX Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): integrated call center application with built-in two-seat agent evaluation license; offers five types of routing algorithms, agent workgroups, detailed reporting, and supervisor status with monitor, whisper, and barge-in capability

eXchange Call Center: server-based call center application; offers advanced and real-time reporting, wrap-up codes, voice announcement of calls in queue, and agent and supervisor desktop software

EPICCenter from EasyRun: sophisticated call center solution to support multimedia, advanced queuing and routing and inbound/outbound activity.


Voice messaging: 400 hours of voice storage standard (non-SIP mode)

IP Messaging: advanced NBX in SIP mode voice messaging; ships with find me/follow me service and 12 ports enabled (scalable in one-port increments)

IP Conferencing: hosted bridge for NBX in SIP mode for scheduled and ad-hoc conferences (standard 25-seat license)

Desktop Call Assistant (DCA): on-screen dialing and contact management software

Complement Attendant Software (CAS): desktop application that takes the place of an attendant console

ExecutiveAssistant: designed for executives and sales people, features find me/follow me service, call recording and speech-recognition auto-attendant

Education Module: auto-dialer for K-12 organizations; offers absentee tracking, malicious call trace and auto-attendant for homework hotlines

3100 ENTRY (3C10399B)

3102 BUSINESS (3C10402B)

3106 CORDLESS (3C10406A)*


Four fixed feature buttons

Single-line phone service

Ideal for doorway and common

18 programmable buttons

Multiline service

Full-duplex speakerphone

Ideal for power users

Multiline display

1,000 ft. (305 m) range from

Windows-based application

Single-user license included per

3101 BASIC (3C10401B)

3103 MANAGER (3C10403B)

3107 CORDLESS (3C10407A)*

Four programmable buttons

Multiline services and display

Ideal for day-to-day office use

Gigabit PC port

Large, context-sensitive display

Multiline services and display

Executive and manager phone

Multiline display

Long-life battery with two-slot charger

Ideal for warehouse and mobile



3108 WIRELESS (3C10408A)

IP PHONES** or trunks (T1/E1, PRI, BRI, Analog)

1,500 device capacity (stations/trunks)

SIP-ready for applications and devices

3101 W/SPEAKER (3C10401SPKRB)

Four programmable buttons

Half-duplex speakerphone

Multiline services and display

Ideal for day-to-day office use

50-button DSS

100 station selections

Receptionist/call-coverage use

Ideal for mobile office work