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The Olympus AU2700

Chemistry Immuno Analyzer

Designed for the high volume laboratory


Streamlining the diverse chemistry-immuno testing needs of the high volume laboratory, the fully automated random access Olympus

AU2700 combines powerful high speed performance with the efficiency, economy and ease of use of Olympus

AU400 and AU640 systems. Performing up to 2,133 tests per hour and using the 122-test menu for unbeatable test consolidation, the

Olympus AU2700 offers unmatched flexibility to meet the needs of the laboratory with rapid

The Olympus AU2700

Chemistry Immuno Analyzer

The Olympus AU2700 provides proven technology for the demanding environment of the high volume laboratory. Designed to meet your needs as a primary analyzer with a broad 122-test menu, the AU2700 features rapid

STAT turnaround, true access testing, and pediatric sampling. This high speed analyzer can process general, urine,

CSF and STAT chemistries, serum proteins, thyroid assays, therapeutic drugs and drugs of abuse.

Compatible standardization between

Olympus models include identical userinterfaces, standardized results and reference ranges and the same reagents, consumables and parts for the lowest cost per reportable in the healthcare market today.

The AU2700 provides flexible cost-effective solutions for busy laboratories.

Windows NT is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

Emit brand is a registered trademark of Dade-Behring Inc.


Consolidated platform with proven technology and compatible standardization. This powerful performer offers you the broadest 122-test menu in the market today, including Emit brand applications, and the benefits from a standardized family.

Convenient liquid, bar-coded

reagents. OSR bar-coded reagents come ready-to-use and provide automatic on-board inventory management, random placement, automatic bottle changeover and automatic calibration and

Increased walkaway with greater productivity.

The highly automated 300 sample loading capacity and continuous feed mean less interruptions. Hands-on time is eliminated with automated repeat testing, reflex testing, and automated sample pre-dilution.

System features include clot detection and probe crash prevention.

Simplified operation and training with Windows NT. Just click on the start icon for routine sample analysis the userfriendly Windows NT platform is easy. Theres on-line software for

CLIA, NCCLS, and CAP compliance, along with HELP functions to move you to the relevant topic in the on-line

Operators Manual. A modem link also keeps you in touch with

Olympus experts.

Guarantee Your CPR. We package financial services, information technology and our laboratory expertise in our allinclusive Cost Management

Program. No surprises or hidden costs (such as cuvettes, probes, lamps, electrode replacement).

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