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Storage Builder, 50 TB LTU license

Storage Accountant, 1 TB LTU license

Storage Accountant, 5 TB LTU license

Storage Accountant, 10 TB LTU license

Storage Accountant, 50 TB LTU license

Storage Allocater, 1 TB LTU license

Storage Allocater, 5 TB LTU license

Storage Allocater, 10 TB LTU license

Storage Allocater, 50 TB LTU license

DA - 11460

Worldwide Version 15 June 9, 2004


HP OpenView Storage Area Manager (SAM) 3.1

Kit Contents

Installation Guide

Administrator's Guide

Storage Area Manager tutorial CD

Customer Benefits

Business Value

Simplified, Automated


Centralized Management

Optimized Resource


Maximized Availability

Optimized Performance

Customized Service

Growth Path for the Future

Increases operational efficiency through centralized, simplified and automated management and onitoring of multi-vendor enterprise-wide storage resources, applications and infrastructure.

Decreases Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Increases resource utilization.

Increases customer satisfaction through guaranteed quality of storage services.

Provides a transparent growth path for the future.

Seamlessly integrated software suite for maximum leverage of management and monitoring capabilities.

Intuitive, easy-to-use tools and automated wizards to drive staff efficiency and shorten learning curve.

Automated device discovery and topology mapping to graphically display devices and their physical and redundant connections.

Switch zoning presentation and management for effective and simplified administration.

Continuous health status and event monitoring to quickly isolate and solve problems.

Secure management through firewalls to provide management flexibility.

Automated reporting to save time and increase QoS.

Volume management to enable mapping of host utilization to LUN consumption.

Support for multi-vendor devices and OSs to simplify management of heterogeneous storage.

Out-of-the box integration with enterprise management solutions to enable integrated service management.

Central console and common reporting structure to manage and monitor storage [service] availability, performance, usage, cost and growth.

Common launch platform for devices to enabl